Iraqi Ham Radio QRT.

Vi passo questa news, scaricata da QRZ.COM:

Dear All:

I got confirmation from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, to close down the activity of Amateur Radio in IRAQ, until the security situation becomes better.

May be this is a kind of miss-understanding from Prime Minister Mr.Al Maliki, and coalition forces (American troops) ..
But we send them clarification regarding the issue and the turn of Amateur Radio in Iraq, I send you this time to inform you that all activities of Amateur Radio in Iraq will suspended for unknown date or time, and there will be no Amateurs work in Iraq, for Iraqi’s and foreigners.

Congratulations to Mr.Bush and Blair for his freedom and democracy brought to NEW IRAQ and new strategy of impose the law.
If you think you can support Iraqi Amateur Radio in Iraq , you need to talk to the creators of Democracy and Freedom.

I apologize to my language and hearing from you will not change anything on the ground any more..

Hope to see you all in better security situation and new strategy to impose the law in Iraq.

My regards.

Diya YI1DZ

Andiamo avanti cosi, cari OM e di Radioamatori ne rimarranno ben pochi…

Paolo IV3BVK.



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